Open 30 Series

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The future in your eyes

From Safilens research, the new monthly contact lenses, in silicone hydrogel. The combined effect of Hyaluronic Acid and the polysaccharide TSP, for long-lasting, completely natural wellbeing.


The Open System
The comfort and effectiveness of a new lens everyday.

In the last decade, thanks to the application of new Biomaterials, contact lenses have made great progress in terms of the quality of their use. However, such phenomera as dry eyes, dehydration, increased tear-film osmolarity and the presence of deposits, have extremely important clinical implications. The number of these side effects is disturbing: each year, 10-15% of wearers stop using contact lenses as a result of complications, and this percentage increases to over 40% for those who have difficulty while using lenses. Thus, over 50% of wearers need the”Physiological Comfort”. that is, a state of complete visual-ocular wellbeing, to be improved. The goal of OPEN, a Safilens research project, which has lasted 3 years, was to produce a new contact lens with minimal side efects. This syatem is not limited simply to developing material; every aspect of the CL – Anterior Segment interaction is taken into consideration to find an innovative solution to the most common causes of”rejection”. All of this, with absolute respect for the physiology of the eye.


Safilens was founded in 2001 to create innovative, high quality products in the contact lens sector.

This solid, innovative company can draw on its founders’ experience of over thirty years, to provide solutions that are always in line with the evolution of the market and of the needs of people who wear
contact lenses.

The true value of the company is the excellence of its Research & Development department

Safilens research & development centre
• continuous product innovation.

Laboratory with hi-tech instruments
• the latest generation quality testing.

Customer care
• listening to clients and interpreting developments in the market.

The results demonstrate the importance of this approach: high performance products, immediate responses to the needs of clients, technological leadership in the sector.


The pharmaceutical company Bruno Farmaceutici S.p.A. was founded in Rome, in 1996, and is the leader, in Italy, in the sector of oral cortisones and anti-diabetic medicines.

The acquisition, in 2012, of Safilens was part of the plan to diversify and become international, recently put into action by the Group.

On the one hand, this operation will allow the company to expand into a market that has great prospects for the future, namely, contactology, and, on the other, it will make the wealth of scientific skills and valuable research and pharmaceutical development of Bruno Farmaceutici S.p.A available to Safilens.

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